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Clermont Historic Village Museum

352-593-8496   |   490 West Avenue, Clermont, FL


The South Lake County Historical Society invites you to visit the Clermont Historic Village Museum. Each building offers you a glimpse into the rich history of our area. Come, explore and learn!

Townsend House


We are looking for an area rug to go in the newly finished East bedroom upstairs in the Kern House. It should be 9' by 12' at the absolute largest and be of a style in keeping with the age of the house (late 1880's).

Upcoming Events

Calling All WWII Veterans!

June 7th, 11am, The 70th anniversary of the landing at Normandy is just around the corner. The South Lake County Historical Society is planning an event celebrating D-Day, the turning point of WWII. You are invited to come to the Clermont Historic Village at 11:00 AM on Saturday June 7th and join us as we honor all WWII veterans, and especially any who participated in the D-Day invasion. You will each have an opportunity to tell your story. We want to honor your service to our country and to everyone who enjoys all the freedoms available because of your sacrifices.
Afterwards there will be hot dogs, apple pie and sodas available.

Summer Tours

With the onset of the warm weather, we have had to say, "Travel safely" to all our snowbird members. This means that the number of people available to work weekends at the Village is way down. Please take a close look at your calendars and let Dodie know when you are available to help out.

General Meeting

September 8th, 7pm, Join us for a walking tour of historic sites and buildings in the downtown Clermont area led by Dolores Walker.

Lend a Helping Hand

The South Lake Historical Society is currently seeking a Coordinator for Holidays in the Village, 2014.

A Long Range Planning Committee is being formed. Join us to help design the future of "The Village." Please call (352)593-8496 for information.

If you would like to help out with our new Olde Tyme Movies activity, email